COVID-19 antibodies for POC-tests

During the summer, several hens have been busy laying eggs to provide us with yolk with anti-SARS-CoV-2 polyclonal antibodies. And we are excited about the good results of the quality analysis – highly specific and premium purity of antibodies.

The preparation of the Ovodan Biotech IgY undergoes two steps of purification:

Step 1: Purification of the total immunoglobulin fraction from the egg yolk.

Step 2: Affinity purification with the specific antigen used for immunization. This step results in a purity of minimum 95% antigen specific antibody and is non-comparable with the total immunoglobulin fraction.

As avian antibodies, IgY, does not recognize staphylococcal protein A and streptococcal protein G you will avoid cross reactions with these molecules likely to be found in nasal swaps or saliva samples.

This makes the Ovodan Biotech COVID-19 antibodies a perfect reagent for the COVID-19 antigen quick test or bulk test. And we agree – we still need to speed up response time and lower the expenses.

Are you ready to test the Ovodan Biotech COVID-19 antibodies in your POC-assay?

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