About us

OVODAN BIOTECH A/S is a Danish biotech company founded in 2011. As a contract research organization, we develop customized polyclonal chicken antibodies for use in immunological assays and diagnostics.

We have established and perfected a one-step technology for antibody purification from egg yolk. The technology allows us to benefit from this generous source without the use of harsh chemicals.

Today, our daily capacity is 20 gram total IgY, with a purity and concentration suitable for manufacturing IVD test kits in bulk—our technology is linearly scalable.


Valuable partnerships extend our activities and services. Besides the chicken polyclonal antibody platform, we are collaborating with the University of Southern Denmark, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology to develop a more efficient method for epitope mapping.

As a part of the Danish biotech cluster, we hold memberships of Dansk Biotek and BioPeople.

If your project benefits from a dialogue or a collaboration with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are better together.

A part of something bigger

OVODAN BIOTECH A/S is a part of the family-owned conglomerate THORNICO consisting of a global group of companies operating in a truly diverse business portfolio. THORNICO’s wide selection of companies has given unique market insights and industry knowledge, which we leverage to create synergy between our businesses all over the world. 

Our approach is tailored to the local market, and we engage respectfully in all activities and endeavours to adapt to any cultural differences.

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Company karma

Company Karma is a holistic approach to value creation where THORNICO strives to think in a 4 x win that benefits business partners, customers, employees, as well as a life-improving cause rooted within the core competencies of our companies.

Company Karma is, therefore, THORNICO’s business philosophy of ’doing good’ while doing business. It is a way to create more value for society, but also for the company itself.

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